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When you don’t a firm foundation, literally everything falls apart. If you need home help with your house’s base, then serving you is our priority. Midwest Contracting can identify all of the classic signs of foundation issues, and, of course, how to fix them!

10 Warning Signs of Home Foundation Problems

  • Exterior cracks are developing because of settling
  • Interior sheet rock is cracking
  • Doors are out of square and floors are uneven
  • Door frames and/or window frame are separating from the brick
  • Wood is rotting in the home’s pier and beams
  • Floors are bouncing, due to rotten wood underneath
  • Tiles are starting to develop cracks
  • Expansion joints are separating
  • Nails are popping out of your drywall
  • The walls are pulling away from the house

Choose Midwest Contracting for your Plainfield, IN home inspection

Do you have your eye on buying the big house on the corner? Then it is going to need a thorough, detailed inspection so you can make sure that it is a good investment. Don’t dare waste your precious time and money on sloppy amateurs! Make the smartest choice, and pick Midwest Contracting for your Central Indiana home inspection. Our seasoned pros are trained to check for every possible imperfection, so you can rest easy! We leave literally no stone unturned when we conduct our detailed inspection process.
Maybe you are not currently in the market for a new home. Instead, you are in need of experienced workmen that can repair all of the cracks in your existing home’s foundation. You may also want to add some attractive decorative stone in order to enhance the appearance of your house. We can perform those important tasks as well! We will get you a fast, free quote to get the process started. Just contact us today to make it happen!